Details: Clients fly into Canton Akron Airport.  Volunteers can greet incoming clients by the arrival hallway near the security check.

Address: 5400 Lauby Rd, North Canton, OH 44720

Parking: Short-term parking is readily available near the entrance


  • Clients will be carrying large white plastic bags with "IOM" written on them in blue
  • Client identity can be verified by their ID badge
  • Clients should only ride home with volunteer or a relative that has been pre-approved by the caseworker
  • Usually clients come with one large duffle bag per family member

Common Barriers and Solutions:

Problem: Delayed or canceled flights.  Solution: Check flight status prior to leaving for airport.  Contact Caseworker on call if flight is canceled.

Problem:  Client baggage does NOT appear at baggage claim.  Solution: Check the ticket counter for the airline.  Often, refugee bags are delivered directly to the desk.  If bags are not found, file a lost baggage claim.