Appointment Details:  All clients apply for Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, and Medicaid benefits at the local Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) building within 7 days of arrival.  This is a walk-in appointment. Clients will receive a number from the receptionist and be directed to the waiting room.  Clients should have with them: 1)Application for benefits, 2) I-94s, 3)Travel Document, and 4) Proof of Address.  Clients will first be called back with an intake worker for initial screening.  Clients will be called back a second time for full intake and application.  A language line will be used for interpretation for both appointments.   Verification for benefits will be sent in the mail. 


  • Job and Family Services accepts walk-in appointments up to 11:00am
  • Clients WITH minor children:  will receive an appointment letter for the following morning at The Job Center for work placement.  The client should keep this letter.
    • Clients WITHOUT minor children will not be scheduled
  • Applications should be completed before appointment by client and caseworker

Address:  1180 S Main St, Akron, Oh, 44308

Parking:  Available at the office.

Common problems and Solutions:

  • Problem: Intake worker keeps client documents  Solution: Check with client afterwards to make sure they have All ID Documents (I-94, Travel Document).  Follow up with intake worker or receptionist if necessary.
  • Problem: Appointment letter is given back to caseworker Solution: Make sure this letter is given to the client
  • Problem: Client forgets a document Solution: Verify the clients documents before leaving their home. If its too late for that, inform the Intake worker that World Relief will fax the documents directly to DJFS as soon as they are able (if you do this please confirm it with a World Relief Caseworker).