Appointment Details

All clients apply for their social security card within 7 working days of arrival.  This is done through a walk-in appointment at the local Social Security Administration (SSA) office.  When a case applies for their social security cards ALL family members should attend the appointment, even young children.  Clients will bring with them three items:  1)application for a social security card 2) I-94  2) Travel Document (Photo ID).  Upon entering the social security office find the check-in kiosk around the corner to the left and follow instructions to receive a number (one per family).  When the number is called, volunteers can go up to the window with clients and submit the documents mentioned above.  The receptionist will return ID documents to clients.  Receptionist will confirm details with client and volunteer before submitting application to check for correct spelling of name


2 South Main St, Akron, Oh, 44308


In parking garage on Mill Street (Pay attention to parking area and route in and out of the building). Meter parking on the street.


  • The SSA becomes very crowded early in the day.  It is recommended that clients arrive by 9:00am
  • Applications will already be completed by client and caseworker in advance
  • Each client will have their own individual application
  • Each client will have their own individual I-94
  • There will only be one single Travel Document per family

Common problems and solutions: 

  • Sometimes names are spelled incorrectly or first and middle names combined.  Check on client I-94s to verify spelling.