Appointment: Many employers request that clients have a State ID in order to process their paperwork for employment. Though this is not a technical requirement for work authorization, it tends to make the process much easier. Clients can be taken to the BMV with their supporting documents and $8.50 per state ID. The documents they will need to bring are their Social Security Cards, Travel Document, I-94's, and Proof of Address. Proof of Address can be a utility bill, letter from DJFS, or certified statement from World Relief. The BMV will NOT accept a lease as proof of address.

Address: 1030 E Tallmadge Ave Akron OH 44310

Parking: Large parking lot in front of the building.


The buildling is in a strip set back from the road behind The Dollar Tree. The BMV is on the right side of the building. When you walk into the building, go through the double doors on your left to enter the waiting line.

Often World Relief provides a signed statement as a client's proof of address

Before leaving a client's house, verify all of their documentation and remind them to bring money.

Common Barriers and Solutions

  • Problem: Client did not bring, or does not have enough money to pay. Solution: Do not pay for the client. Inform them they will have to come back with the appropriate funds. In this case inform the volunteer coordinator or the caseworker so that they can inquire into the individual's financial situation and schedule a follow up appointment.