R&P stands for Reception and Placement. They are the services outlined by the State Department in their contract with World Relief.

R& P Service 

Airport Reception Upon Arrival
Culturally Appropriate ready-to-eat meal Upon Arrival
Sanitary clean safe housing Upon Arrival

Home Visit 1

  • Provide Pocket Money and Grocery Allowance
  • Complete Site Visit Housing Checklist
  • Complete Basic Needs Assessment
Next Calendar Day
Intake Interview and Service Plans 5 Working Days
Applying for Social Security Cards 7 Working Days
Applying for Public Assistance 7 Working Days
Job Placement appointment at The Job Center (For families WITH minors) 1 Working Day after applying for benefits

Complete AR-11Change of Address Form

  • To be completed after every move
10 Calendar Days
Enrollment in English Classes 10 Working Days
Assist to enroll in Employment Services 10 Working Days
Any other appropriate services (WIC, etc.) 30 Calendar Days

Initial Health Screening

  • Family doctor placements are made as a result of this appointment
30 Calendar Days
Home Visit 2 15-30 Calendar Days
Children Registered for School 30 Calendar Days
Selective Service (for males 18-25yrs) 30 Calendar Days
Cultural Orientation Within 90 Days
Cultural Orientation Assessment Within 90 Days
Funds available to clients throughout 90 Days

$925.00 per member

Non-R&P Services (Client's Responsibility)
1.  Applying for a State ID
2.  Applying for a drivers liscence
3.  Opening a bank account