To access cultural overviews and background information for the following ethnicities click on these links:

  1. Afghani
  2. Bhutanese
  3. Burmese/Karen/Karenni/Chin (Background Info, Refugees Cultural Profile)
  4. Burundian (Quick Fact SheetProfileBackground Info)
  5. Congolese
  6. Cuban
  7. Eritrean
  8. Iranian
  9. Iraqi (Refugees Cultural OverviewQuick Fact Sheet)
  10. Somali
  11. Sudanese
  12. Syrian

Also check out the Cultural Orientation Resource Center's website for extensive background information on Congolese, Eritrean, Iraqi, Bhutanese, Burmese, Burundian, and Bantu Somali refugees, in addition to an article on Muslim refugees in general. Another helpful resource is the "Every Culture" website.

Click here for helpful information about Arabic websites and TV programs.

Books and Films:

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