Is there a way to find out more about the family before they arrive to know how to make them feel more welcome?

How much information are we allowed to know? Once you have been paired with a refugee family, World Relief High Point will provide you with their personal information. This includes name(s), age(s), religion, ethnicity, country of origin, country of refuge, language(s) spoken, and employment history (if applicable).

World Relief High Point recommends looking up information on the specific people group from which your newcomer/family comes. There are too many people groups for us to give a comprehensive list, but you can check out the Cultural Backgrounds and Information page of the S.E.R.V.E. Toolkit for information on the people groups most commonly seen by WRHP.

The Cultural Orientation Resource Center is also an excellent source with extensive information on certain refugee populations. To gain an understanding of the spread of the gospel among any people group, go to and search for your people group. Prior to their arrival or your meeting, we recommend you pray regularly for them. Meeting your refugee friends for the first time is an exciting time. Just focus on making your new friend(s) feel welcome. Whether or not they speak English, you will be able to easily communicate friendship, love and welcome.