As a Resettlement Agency we are required to help all clients enroll in English classes.  We partner with Project Learn to provide testing and placement and the process differs depending on family structure. 


Families without minor children:  Single adults and couples without minor children will be tested by appointment at the World Relief office.  We generally test on the Tuesday afternoon following arrival. 


Families with minor children:  Families with minor children will be referred to The Job Center following their appointment to apply for public assistance.  One family member will be required to fulfill a work placement from Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm.  The adult member who elects to fulfill the work placement will be automatically tested and placed in an English class at Asia Inc as part of the work placement.  No appointment is schedueld with project learn by World Relief.  If there is a second adult in the case, they will be scheduled and tested at the World Relief office.