• The fusion of word and deed – the whole Gospel- into all aspects of World Relief
  • The basic idea behind World Relief High Point’s service to the vulnerable.

Practical Application: As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to make Jesus’ name well-known– this is done both through our words and through our actions. At World Relief High Point, we aim to share Jesus’ good news by caring for newly arrived refugees (the strangers that Jesus speaks of in Matthew 25) through the service and action of providing them with stability and, eventually, self-sufficiency. We desire to extravagantly love others so they will ask, “Why are you this way?” We also remember that salvation belongs to the Lord, and it’s his Spirit that moves in the hearts of men, women, and children.

  • Empowers the local Church to carry out its calling in word and deed through the best practice models of development that integrate scripture, discipleship, and Church planting.
  • Increases spiritual, social, and economic impact to the most vulnerable.
  • Deepens World Relief’s constituency base with those who care deeply about integrating evangelism, Church planning, and Church growth with relief and development.