After a family applies for public assistance, families WITH minor children will be scheduled at The Job Center.  This appointment will most likely be scheduled between 8:30am and 11:30am.  The purpose of this appointment is for the head of family to sign a work contract for job placement which should start the following week.  Upon entering the middle door of the complex,  pull off a number for an "appointment."  When the number is called provide the receptionist with the appointment letter.  Volunteers can then help the client fill out necessary paperwork.  The number will be called a second time and the client will be called back for intake with a caseworker and an interpreter over the phone.  A bus pass should be provided for the client. The actual work placement schedule will begin on the Monday following this appointment.

Clients Must Bring:

Appointment letter, I-94s, Travel Document (Photo ID), IOM bag.


1040 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, Oh, 44310. 

The business complex houses three different organizations.  Use the middle door which is labled "Job and Family Services".

Common Problems and Solutions:

Problem: Client does not receive a bus pass. Solution: If possible ask the caseworker where the client will get their bus pass (it should be at the receptionists desk). If you are unable to ask the caseworker when they walk the client out, ask the receptionist. 

Problem: Work Placement start date is not on the following monday. Solution: Often the Job Center will give the client an additional week or two before starting their work activity. It is always good to inform the World Relief office of the start date listed for the client.