Welcome fellow partners! 

At World Relief, our mission is to empower you to serve the most vulnerable.  We know you are serving because you care and we are so grateful for the heart you have to serve the refugees who God has brought to our community.  We believe that we are all called to serve others in both WORD and DEED.  This is what we call Integral Mission and a big part of what we do!

 We hope the following information is useful to you as you seek to fill very practical needs of those you are loving.  I encourage you to use this toolkit, not just as a way to assist refugees, but to teach them how to do things themselves!  Learning a new culture and a way of life is a long, hard process and empowering you to empower the refugees you serve will go a long way in helping them integrate into a new society where they are free.

 I thank God every day for your commitment to welcoming the stranger and serving the most vulnerable.

 God Bless,

 Andrew Timbie