Step 1.  Introduction of Good Neighbor Team (If applicable)

Step 2. Complete Basic Needs Support Form

  • You will circle Yes or No for each item the form lists.  It is alright to circle no!
  • Note anything needing follow-up

Step 3.  Complete Site Visit Housing Checklist

  • Again, You will be circling Yes or No for each item the form lists. 
  • Note "Nos" and anything needing follow-up

Step 4.  Explain and Provide Pocket Money and Grocery Money

  • Remember to have Principle Applicant sign cash receipt form each time
  • Pocket money:  $50.00/person   Grocery money:  Amount given for remaining days in the month until benefits arrive.

Step 5.  Provide Safety Instructions

  • Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency
  • do not walk alone, memorize your address, and carry it with you in case you get lost!
  • Post contact sheet on the fridge or visible place

Step 6.  Complete Social Security Card Applications

  1. The forms should already be filled out and will just need the client’s parent information and signature!

Final Steps:

  1. To prepare for SSA appointment, clip SSC applications to each client’s I-94 (one per member) and the travel document (one per case).  
  2. Return completed Basic Needs Support, Site Visit Housing Checklist, and Cash Receipt forms to Caseworker.
  3. They will probably ask you many questions.  Let the clients know that there will be a formal intake interview with their caseworker to outline the resettlement process the following week.