Appointment:  If a client is scheduled at the International Community Health Center they should arrive atleast 15 minutes early for their initial appointment.  Volunteers can help them sign in at the receptionist counter and then an intake worker will take the client's medicaid card and ID.  After this the receptionist will provide some paperwork for the client to complete.  It is good for volunteers to help fill out basic information such as name, DOB, SSN, Address.  Client documentation should have all of this information.  An interpreter will be present at the appointment so paperwork can be completed with the client and the interpreter when  the client is called back.  After the appointment be sure to note any follow up appointments or referrals.  This information MUST be communicated back to the caseworker. 

Clients Must Bring:  Medicaid cards, Travel Document (Photo ID - state ID can be used if they have it), medical history and vaccine documents.

Address:  468 E Market Street, Suite C, Akron, Oh, 44304

Parking:  Available at building



  • Clients MUST bring their IOM Bag to all appointments
  • If the client is missing work or Job Center placement, ask receptionist for an excuse letter
  • Be sure to send all follow up appointment information back to the caseworker