About this Appointment

Clients who are 65 and older or who have a disability will apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) after they receive their social security number. This appointment is scheduled by the World Relief office and takes place at the Social Security Administration inside the Federal building in downtown Akron. Clients will need to bring 1) their social security card, 2) Their Travel Document (photo ID) 3) I-94 4) and documentation of their disability from their country of origin or from the US. Upon entering the social security office you can take a seat in the waiting area. When the client's name is called they will go back with the person performing the interview and an interpreter will be called over the phone.


2 South Main St, Akron, Oh, 44308


In parking garage on Mill Street (Pay attention to parking area and route in and out of the building). Meter parking on the street.


  • Each client will have their own individual I-94
  • There will only be one single Travel Document per family