Adults 18 years and older may get a North Carolina State I.D. Having a State ID will make the process of securing employment easier.  
  1. Refugees must have received their Social Security Card before going to the D.M.V.
  2. You must request a D.M.V. letter from World Relief several days before you plan to go to D.M.V.
  3. Find the local Department of Motor Vehicles (D.M.V.) office. Make sure this office does drivers licenses and ID's.  
  4. Make sure your refugee partner has:
    -I-94 (in the white or blue IOM bag)
    -Social Security Card
    -DMV Letter from World Relief
    -Approximatly $10-$15 per ID
  5. Pick up D.M.V. letter from World Relief.
  6. Go to the D.M.V. office and apply for State ID.
  7. If the refugee has a Work Authorization Card, do not bring it to the D.M.V. If D.M.V. staff asks for the refugee's Employment Authorization Card, tell them they do not have it. They are not required to produce this (if DMV uses the Employment Authorization Card this will result in a State ID that will expire in 2 years).
  8. You may ask for a Driver's Licence Study Book if the refugee can read English or Spanish.
  9. Before leaving, make sure the refugee partners have all their documents.
  10. Notify the World Relief case manager that the State ID application was completed.

  • Volunteers should double check that the refugee's address provided to the DMV officer is correct. Refugee's address should be their home address.
  • Organ Donor: The officer at the DMV might ask the applicant whether or not they would like to be an organ donor. The volunteer should try to communicate this to refugees beforehand to get their opinion. If refugees are unable to understand the volunteer, the default answer should be “no.” Sometimes the DMV will write “no” for refugees and will not even ask.

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