There are many ways to join World Relief Akron in welcoming new refugees to our city. Browse our volunteer opportunities below and contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Christian Benadum (, to discuss your interests and availability. 

In order to equip our volunteers and empower the refugees we serve, all of our volunteers are required to complete the following steps prior to becoming a volunteer:

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application

  2. Attend a Volunteer Orientation (see our Facebook Events page for schedule)

  3. Complete the World Relief Background Check


Good Neighbor Teams

(Visit refugees 3-4 times a month for at least 6 months)

Good Neighbor Teams accompany refugees in their transition to life in the United States.  Good Neighbor Teams are matched with new refugee families to meet weekly for at least 6 months. Share meals, practice English, help out with practical advice about American life, and build friendships!

Road Runners

(2-3 hours per appointment)

Road Runners volunteer once a week to help casework staff by driving refugees to and from appointments. You would be providing transportation to things like medical appointments, applying for Social Security Cards, or even picking up new arriving families from the airport.

ESL Tutor

(2 hours per week for a minimum of 8 weeks)

Meet at a refugee's home and help them practice English. Our tutoring program focuses primarily on conversational English to help our families navigate daily life in the U.S. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more info! 

Office Help

(1-3 hours per week)

Assist World Relief Staff with office admin tasks! There is plenty of paperwork, case file making, and mail sorting to go around!

Bus Training

(3-4 hours once a month)

Volunteer to train a refugee how to ride the METRO in Akron. You can volunteer to help with group training sessions or to be a "bus buddy" for an individual refugee. You don't have to be an expert on public transit to help, World Relief will provide you with all the information you need and we will even train you how to use the bus if you have never done it before!

Host Homes

(Periodic, 1-2 days with each opportunity)

Host Homes offer shelter and hospitality to refugees for their first few days in the United States. Introduce refugees to an American home: thermostats, washing machines, and casseroles – they’re all new to many refugees. It’s a great way to share the welcoming love of Christ and make a lasting impact.

Welcome Kits

(One time opportunity, may take ~1 month to organize)

Refugee families are arriving every week and that means MANY apartments need to be set up. We collect donations of basic household goods and need help collecting and organizing these items for placement in refugees’ first apartments in America. Find out what items we accept.

Apartment Move-in

(Periodic, as needed)

Lend the gift of your labor and assist us as we move furniture and household items into new apartments. Move-in volunteers help World Relief turn a house into a home.

Career Coach

(2 hours a week)

Career Coaches have the opportunity to meet with an individual for job training and interview preparation. This could also include English help, assisting with resume writing, helping a refugee open a bank account, or taking them to get a State ID.


For more information contact:

Volunteer and Donations Coordinator- Christian Benadum (

Or apply now by clicking the link below!