Appointment:  Many clients are referred to Summa Hospital for a Chest X-ray following their appointment at Summit County Public Health.  Clients will need to bring the referral form along with their 1) I-94 2)Travel Document (Photo ID) 3)Social Security Card and 4)Medicaid Card.  It is easiest to enter from N Adams Street, however you can be directed by volunteers to the correct place wherever you enter.  When the client is called, provide the receptionist with the clients referral and documentation.  Billing information is already written on the referral form, so it is alright if chest xray is scheduled before client receives their medicaid card in the mail. 

Address: Summa Hospital 525 E Market St, Akron, OH 44304 

Parking:  There is free parking located on N Adams Street.  There are also parking garages located at 55, 95, and 75 Arch Street. 


  • It is not a problem if the client has not yet recieved their social security card or medicaid card.  I-94 and Travel Document should suffice. 
  • For billing questions, direct receptionist to the referral form. (See "For Billing..." line on front page)
  • If you parked in the garage, ask receptionist for parking validation.

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